New Compatible Phaser Solid Ink and ColorQube Solid Ink Sticks

One of the Cartridge Store's best selling product lines. Our latest generation of solid ink sticks have now bridged the gap between genuine original wax sticks and lower cost compatibles. These are made in the USA just like the originals, require no silly start keys or additional proceedures just plug & print. Most of our competitors choose to sell the cheap made in china option. You only have to read the many customer reviews to quickly establish that this is not a safe option. Don't roll the dice with your phenominal solid ink printer. Buy OEM equivalent compatibles and get OEM quality for less. We rigorously tested all available Solid Ink Stick brands and only one performed equally to the original Xerox Phaser Wax Sticks. These Xerox Solid Ink Sticks are now available for the following Xerox Phaser Printers: The Xerox Phaser 8570, Xerox Phaser 8560, Phaser 8550, Phaser 8500, cartridges. Our Phaser Solid Ink cartridges have now been a top seller for over 10 years.

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