Latest HP Firmware update locks out remanufactured ink cartridges

UPDATE: Sept 28th 2016

HP apologises and offers a reversal of firmware update that blocks the use of after-market ink cartridges.

HP decided to reverse a firmware update that blocks all third party products from working is some of their printers. This optional HP firmware reversal update will remove the recent dynamic security feature that blocks so called untested aftermarket ink cartridges. It should be available shortly, they stated within 2 weeks: here is a link to their apology and their announcement.


In mid-September thousands of HP inkjet printers stopped recognising some remanufactured aftermarket ink cartridges. Allegedly due to a firmware update which causes the printer to report an error when using unofficial non-HP ink cartridges. Basically rendering a number of popular aftermarket ink cartridges incompatible. The market is somewhat unsure of the exact date this firmware update took place, some estimates go as far back as a March 12th update, but on the 13th of September 2016 most reports started to flood in. Printers that have been effected by this latest update are:

HP OfficeJet, OfficeJet Pro and OfficeJet Pro X using the following Ink cartridges:

950XL OEM # CN045AA
951XLC OEM # CN046AA
951XLM OEM # CN047AA
951XLY OEM # CN048AA
932XLK OEM # CN053AN
933XLC OEM # CN054AN
933XLM OEM # CN055AN
933XLY OEM # CN056AN
970XL OEM # CN625AM
971XLC OEM # CN626AM
971XLM OEM # CN627AM
971XLY OEM # CN628AM
934XLK OEM # C2P23AN
935XLC OEM # C2P24AN
935XLM OEM # C2P25AN
935XLY OEM # C2P26AN

We have a temporary hold on all shipments of these inkjets until the situation is resolved and they have been removed from the web store. We appreciate your understanding and patience.