HP 51645A 45A Ink Cartridge

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HP 51645A #45 This premium compatible Inkjet Cartridge has been produced in a controlled production facility using the industries finest remanufacturing equipment and quality inks. It is a fully refurbished HP 51645A #45 ink cartridge vacuum filled and pre-tested to produce maximum page yields comparable to the HY HP 51645A #45 original cartridge. It is the highest grade OEM equivalent inkjet cartridge available and should not be compared to low quality, cheap hand filled "Drill & Fill" alternatives found in some local Mall kiosks and other sites.

Printers: Hewlett Packard: Apple Color StyleWriter Series 6500; HP Color Copier Series 110, 120, 140, 145, 150, 155, 160, 170, 180, 190, 210, 210lx, 260, 270, 280, 290; HP DesignJet Series CA, 650c Plus, 700, 750c, 750c Plus, 755cm, 755cm Plus; HP DeskJet Series 700, 710, 710c, 712. 712c, 720, 720c, 722c, 750, 782c, 800, 815, 820c, 820cse, 820cxi, 830c, 832c, 850c, 855c, 855cse, 855csi, 855cxi, 870c, 870cse, 870cxi, 880c, 880cxi, 882c, 890c, 890cse, 890cxi, 895c, 895cse, 895cxi, 900, 930c, 932c, 934c, 935c, 950c, 952c, 959c, 960c, 960cse, 960cxi, 970c, 970cse, 970cxi, 980cxi, 990c, 990cse, 990cxi, 1000, 1000c, 1000cse, 1000cxi, 1100, 1100c, 1100cse, 1100cxi, 1120c, 1120cse, 1120cxi, 1170cxi, 1220c, 1220cps, 1220cse, 1220cxi, 1600c, 1600cm, 1600cn, 6122, 6127; HP Digital Copier Series 310; HP Fax Series 1220, 1220xi; HP OfficeJet Series G55, G55xi, G85, G85xi, G95, K60, K60xi, K80, K80xi, Pro Series 1150, 1150cse, 1170, 1170c, 1170cse, 1170cxi, 1175, 1175c, 1175cse, 1175cxi, R40, R45, R60, R80, T45, T45xi, T65, T65xi; HP PhotoSmart Series 1000, 1100, 1115, 1115cvr, 1215, 1215vm, 1218, 1218xi, 1315, P1000, P1100, P1100xi; HP (PSC) Printer-Scanner-Copier Series 370, 380; Kodak Science 1000 PS

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28th Feb 2013

Satisfied Customer

I was happy to receive the product I ordered from the Cartridge Store.
It is exactly what I needed and I received it in a couple days!

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