Best Laser Printers with the Cheapest Toner Cartridges 2018

What is the best printer I can buy, with the cheapest toner cartridges?

It's only a matter of time before you will have to replace your aging printer. It seems that in recent years they just don't last as long. So what is the best replacement printer? Not a day goes past without a call to the Cartridge Store HQ with this exact question. What is the best printer I can buy, with the cheapest toner cartridges? Well there really is no perfect printer, but there are a few that stand out from the crowd in terms of low price printing. Don't get fooled by the Big Box stores door crasher printer deals! most of these printers look like a great offer until you have to replace the toner cartridges. On many occasions we have had customer call us with horror stories that a set of toner costs more than they paid for the printer, sometime up to three times the price. So what seemed like a great deal when the slick salesman off loaded one of their unbeatable Black Friday or Boxing Week deals, ends up giving you a very big surprize when you go to replace the cartridges. You might then think then I'll just buy another cheap printer as these come with cartridges? well not so fast, the manufacturers dealt with this long ago by only providing starter toner cartridges and ink cartridges with new printers.  They are generally very low yield and provided with your new printer only to get you up and running. 

Do you always ask what is the estimated MPG when you buy a new car or truck? In reality this should be your first question you ask before buying a new printer, how many prints do you estimate I'll get out of a full toner cartridge? Toner is the fuel provided in every toner cartridge. Now keep in mind all manufacturers generally quote impressive page yields but forget to clarify these are quoted at only 5% print coverage. So in the real world of printing you can expect maybe a third or less of that page yield. It's quite simple, choose your printer by narrowing down the very best toner cartridges first, then walk into your favourite Big Box store armed with a list. Then ask them to show you every printer that is on Sale that works with those low cost toner cartridges, then make your decision which printer will do your job. 

Things to consider: 

Do you only want to print in Black & White or do your need Colour? This will make a big impact on your running costs. Do you need to scan and fax from your printer and is wireless essential. All these added features generally add to the price, and the more buttons and gadgets they have, the more things that in the future will likely break. So we would advise to choose only the features you really need. Most colour printers are generally lower page yield and use 4 toner cartridges. Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow toner, this can add up when you go to buy your first set of cartridges.

Remember you need to make you own decision when replacing your aging printer, but here are a few of our top picks for  most economical toner cartridges. Take this list in with you when you next need to replace your printer and then make your decision based on how many pages can I print, will the printer do my job, and how much will each toner cartridge cost first.

Low Volume for Home & Office:

Medium Volume for Home & Office:

High Volume for Office:

Brother TN450 (Black Toner) Canon 137 (Black Toner) Brother TN850 (Black Toner)
Brother TN660 (Black) Canon 120 (Black) Brother TN880 (Black)
HP CE278A (Black) Samsung MLT-D203L (Black) Samsung ML2150 (Black)
HP 285A (Black) HP CF283X (Black) HP CF237X (Black)
Canon 119 (Black) Brother TN770 (Black) HP CF287X (Black)
HP CE310 (Colour Toner) Brother TN221 - TN225 (Colour Toner) Brother TN339 (Colour Toner)
HP CF510A (Colour)
HP CF500X (Colour)
HP CF300A (Colour)